BEFORE JOINING the Sm@rtr™ Community, please go to the Terms Of Participation "Sub-tab" under "Membership" and read its contents fully.



Engagement Levels

The SM@RT MATRIX™ Ecosystem offers two levels of member engagement, as follows:



You or your organization must be a "REGISTERED" Member of the Sm@rtr™ global community by registering for FREE on this "Global Gateway" community website. This gives you access to various zones of the community site and allows you to interact with other community member entities across all six "third party" member categories (Citizen, Charity, Company, Council, College and Country).

Being a registered member of the Sm@rtr™ community, however, does not give you access to the SM@RT MATRIX™ core Ecosystem Platform Services, specifically, the Crypto Crowdfund STAGE, the Crypto Commerce STORE, Crypto Asset XCHANGE, Crypto Asset SHOWCASE, Crypto Media NETWORK and Crypto Affiliate PROGRAM.






To access those ecosystem facilities and participate fully in the SM@RT MATRIX "Ecosystem and Economy", you must be a "LICENSED" member of the ecosystem, authorized to transact within the SM@RT MATRIX Ecosystem and Economy.

The License - Entities that wish to participate in the ecosystem/economy beyond mere community website engagement, must purchase the requisite "Sm@rtLicense™" for their specific membership category. 

Certificates - When an individual or organizational entity purchases a Sm@rtLicense™, a Sm@rtLicense™ Certificate is awarded to them and is displayed on their Profile Page. Whenever you see a profile page with a Sm@rtLicense™ Certificate attached, it means that individual or organization is a "fully vested and licensed" member of the SM@RT MATRIX Ecosystem and Economy, authorized to engage the core Service Solutions provided by SM@RT INC.

Badges - When an individual or organizational entity registers on the SM@RT DAC community site and such registration is approved, a Member Category Badge is awarded to them publicly validating their Member Category Status and is displayed on their Profile Photo (individuals) or Profile Logo (organizations). Whenever you see a profile photo or logo with a badge attached, it means that individual or corporation is a validated member of the SM@RT DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Consortium) Community.

Voting Rights - When a member entity purchases a Sm@rtLicense™, they obtain the right to vote within the ecosystem on various matters pertaining to enhanced functionality of the core ecosystem, as may be tabled from time to time for member referendum by SM@RT INC. Please remember that SM@RT INC. is a "For Profit" corporation, not a decentralized company and it therefore owns the SM@RT Blockchain and Network infrastructure, including its un-circulated cryptocurrency assets. As such, SM@RT INC. exercises full centralized control over the management of the company and certain key aspects of its SM@RT MATRIX™ Ecosystem and Economy.

Crypto Game - SM@RT MATRIX™ is a Crypto Platform, Ecosystem and Economy, but it is also a Crypto "Game", where members worldwide compete to build high performing Crypto Asset Portfolios and add serious value to the SM@RT MATRIX™ Ecosystem and Economy, with annual winners being awarded economic prizes and accolades. Only members with a valid Sm@rtLicense™ are eligible to participate in the SM@RT MATRIX™ Global Cryptoeconomics Game.

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