Community Rules

Please Note & Observe The Rules

Please abide by the rules of the Sm@rtr™ community to ensure a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone.

1. Profile Photos/Logos - Uploading a profile photo is MANDATORY when registering to join the community. If you are registered as an individual, your profile photo must be a head & shoulders photo of YOU and not some graphic or logo. If your account is an Organization (Charity, College, Company, Council, or Country) account, then the profile photo needs to be of your organization's LOGO, not a photo of one of its employees or building. If you remove your profile photo after your registration was approved, your account will be suspended. You may, however, change your profile photo to a different head & shoulders photo as often as you wish. If you do not want anyone here to know what you look like, we respect your right to facial anonymity and the only solution is for you to simply not be a part of this online community.

2. Respect Each Other - You don't have to agree with everyone and you certainly aren't obliged to like everyone, but it is NOT okay to be abusive and disrespectful to others within this community. Accounts guilty of this behavior will be suspended after one warning.

3. No Off-Focus Content - While LinkedIN is starting to look more and more like Facebook every day with personal announcements and random quiz posts etc., that's not what our community is for. Such posts will never see the light of day, as every post is moderated to ensure relevance and appropriateness.

4. No Comments Spam - Posting ads, solicitations and promotional links as comments in the Articles, Blog and Forum sections is prohibited. Violator accounts will be suspended after one warning.

Thanks for your cooperation.

The SM@RT Team

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