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How It Works

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The Sm@rtr™ Loyalty Program is a unique global loyalty program, which instead of "Points" or "Miles", utilizes a unique Loyalty Rewards/Community Currency called SM@RTZ™.

SM@RTZ™ is a blockchain based, cryptocurrency-designated token (not a protocol token), which, initially, is a token generated on the Ethereum blockchain using their ERC-20 Standard. When the SM@RT proprietary blockchain build is completed, the Ethereum based SM@RTZ™ tokens will be replaced with new SM@RTZ™ tokens generated on the SM@RT Blockchain.

Why do we call them "SM@RTZ™?

We think that anyone who recognizes the value of the business, ecosystem and alternative global economy that SM@RT is building and who chooses to earn and use our SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency, is clearly someone with real "smarts". Smarts is a slang word that means "intelligence", "know how" and "wits", as the ability to thrive and succeed in the face of adifficult situation. That's what people mean when they talk about "street smarts". We want every intelligent and "smart" individual around the world to join our ecosystem so we named our cryptocurrency "SM@RTZ™" to represent their diverse "smart" identity.



The PURPOSE of the Sm@rtr™ Loyalty Program is:

(1) To Incentivize and Reward the positive "SUSTAINABILITY IMPACT ACTIONS" (Sm@rtActions) of Sm@rtr™ Community Members, which directly enhance/support the rapid growth and sustainability of the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Blockchain Ecosystem and Economy.

(2) To Provide an Exceptional Economic Growth Opportunity for Sm@rtr™ Community Members (both individuals and organizations), which serves to counteract/mitigate the financial/economic marginalization that is inherent in the traditional world economic system today. Economic marginalization impacts low, middle and high income earners to varying degrees, as well as small businesses and large companies and organizations.

(3) To Directly Compensate Sm@rtr™ Community Members for any work done for SM@RT INC., within the framework of a formal Independent Contractor or Employee work engagement.

(4) To Strongly Incentivize and Reward all membership stakeholder groups, for prioritizing "Sustainability Transformation" in their daily personal/family lives and the daily operations of their various businesses and organizations.



Simply by joining Sm@rtr™ you are eligible to participate in the Sm@rtr™ Loyalty Program and earn SM@RTZ™ (STZ) Cryptocurrency Loyalty Rewards. However, there are a few stipulations: 

(1) Basic Rewards

When you first join Sm@rtr™ (for free), your initial community membership classification and SM@RT MATRIX™ ecosystem license is "Member". At this level, you would only earn SM@RTZ™ (STZ) cryptocurrency rewards for engagement on the Sm@rtr™ community website itself, such as writing articles, writing blog posts, uploading a video, adding an event, etc. Those rewards (Listed Below) are quite small, issued as Sm@rtCoin™ (STC) ranging from 5 STC to 20 STC per validated Sm@rtAction™. Sm@rtCoin is a subordinate denomination of SM@RTZ Cryptocurrency. 100 Sm@rtCoin (STC) = 1 SM@RTZ (STZ).

Sm@rtAction™  -  New Blog Post: + 10 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Article: + 10 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Forum Topic: + 10 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Comment: + 5 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Audio: + 10 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Video: + 15 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Photo: + 5 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Poll: + 10 STC
Sm@rtAction™  -  New Event: + 20 STC

You will NOT earn cryptocurrency rewards for any person whom you sent an invitation to that subsequently joins, if you are still a basic "Advocate" level member. If you plan to invite lots of friends or professional contacts to join Sm@rtr™ and you'd like to earn cryptocurrency rewards for every single one of them who joins as a result of your invitation, then you really ought to upgrade your Sm@rtr™ membership to at least @Benefactor level membership, BEFORE you send out any invitations from the Sm@rtr™ invitation system or invite persons via other means.

(2) Premier Rewards

In order to greatly expand your cryptocurrency  rewards earning potential, you will need to upgrade your Sm@rtr™ membership by purchasing one of the TEN available (PAID) SM@RT MATRIX™ Ecosystem-as-a-Service (EaaS) Licenses, which gives you full access rights to access/use the core services of the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy. Apart from different benefits, the licenses also define the level of Crypto CashBack™ rewards you will receive when purchasing products and services within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Ecosystem. 

The EaaS License options and corresponding % Crypto CashBack Rewards relevant to SM@RT products and services are as follows (SI = Sustainability Impact):

  • Sustainability @ADVOCATE License  -  (US$10/Mth or $100/Yr) - 10% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @BENEFATOR License  -  (US$20/Mth or US$200/Yr) - 20% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @CONTRIBUTOR License  -  (US$40/Mth or US$400/Yr) - 30% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @DELEGATE License  -  (US$80/Mth or US$800/Yr) - 40% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @EMISSARY License  -  (US$160/Mth or US$1,600/Yr) - 50% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @FACILITATOR License  -  (US$320/Mth or US$3,200/Yr) - 60% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @GUARDIAN License  -  (US$640/Mth or US$6,400/Yr) - 70% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @HUMANITARIAN License  -  (US1,280/Mth or US$12,800/Yr) - 80% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @INVESTOR License  -  (US$2,560/Mth or US$25,600/Yr) - 90% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards
  • Sustainability @JUDICIARY License  -  (US$10,240/Mth or US$102,400/Yr) - 100% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards


When you purchase any of the above (PAID) Ecosystem Licenses BEFORE 12:01am UTC, April 22, 2019, you will be designated an "Early Adopter" and will earn DOUBLE the Crypto CashBack™ Rewards in SM@RTZ™ (STZ) Cryptocurrency, based on the current SM@RTZ™ FIAT Exchange Value (FEV) at time of the purchase. The current FEV of 1.00 STZ is USD 1.00 (until January 14, 2020 when it will begin to increase by just over US$0.07c per day). 


NB. All paid EaaS Licenses can only be purchased with FIAT currency. 


In addition, you will be able to earn from 5% up to 100% Crypto CashBack™ Rewards, when you purchase products or services from any Sm@rtr™ member business which has a Store within the SM@RT STORE Global Marketplace.

Furthermore, we will define new opportunities on an ongoing basis, for License-holding Sm@rtr™ members to earn SM@RTZ™ (STZ) Cryptocurrency Loyalty Rewards. Examples of this would be:

- rewards for changing all of the lightbulbs in your home to energy saving LEDs;

- rewards for installing a solar electricity system in your home, thereby going completely off the fossil fuel grid.

The level of cryptocurrency rewards you will be able to earn as a "Licensed" member of Sm@rtr™, therefore, is orders of magnitude greater than what you can earn as just a basic "Member".



In order to participate in the SM@RT MATRIX™ Global Economy (peer-to-peer exchange of tokenized, cryptographic economic value), you will need to use our "Sm@rtWallet™, an AI CryptoAsset Wallet which will allow you to safely store, spend and transfer any of our seven types of premium cryptographic assets.


The seven "types" of crypto assets our Sm@rtWallet™ will handle are:

  1. Sm@rtBond™ - Bonds issued by member companies on the SM@RT Blockchain 
  2. Sm@rtCurrency™ - Our proprietary Loyalty Rewards/Community cryptocurrency
  3. Sm@rtEquity™ - Stock issued by member companies on the SM@RT Blockchain
  4. Sm@rtFund™ - Our proprietary Sustainability Investment Fund instrument
  5. Sm@rtProtocol™ - Our proprietary Concensus Protocol Token for the SM@RT Blockchain
  6. Sm@rtRight™ - Rights issued by member companies on the SM@RT Blockchain
  7. Sm@rtVoucher™ - Discount Vouchers issued by member companies on the SM@RT Blockchain

The Sm@rtWallet™ is now being developed and a "lite" version will be available soon with limited functionality and will only accommodate our Currency tokens.



SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency Rewards have unmatched value for holders thereof, compared to any other loyalty rewards issued by any company anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the rewards are issued by a small boutique or a large multinational corporation, whether the loyalty rewards are hotel points, store points, or airline miles.

SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency is not just a loyalty rewards currency, it is an "Ecosystem Currency", where all users of the ecosystem agree to the use of the designated ecosystem currency and it particular economic attributes, such as its rate of exchange in relation to FIAT currency. This is exactly the same as with "Community Currency", a custom currency created to serve the needs and interests of a geographically limited community, typically an entire city or town. In our case, our ecosystem is global; wherever our members live, work and play, the "xtraordinary value" of SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency will let them Live Sm@rtr™, Work Sm@rtr™ and Play Sm@rtr™.

The "Xtraordinary Value" - Unlike any community currency or any loyalty currency (points, miles, etc.) in existence today, the FIAT Exchange Value (FEV) of SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, is NOT a fixed value as with traditional loyalty points/miles, nor is it a volatile value as with traditional cryptocurrencies, based on the actions of minority speculators. The FEV of SM@RTZ™ is designed to increase daily by a little over US$0.07cents within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, reflecting the minimum daily estimated increase in value of the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, upon which SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency's intrinsic value is based.

SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency's value, therefore, is not backed by a traditional tangible asset such as gold, or diamonds, or oil, or FIAT cash reserves in a bank; it is backed by the incrementally increasing value of the various individuals and organizations that join the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy every day, contributing both new expertise and access to new resources, thereby legitimately increasing the intrinsic value of the ecosystem and economy for each of its registered members and users. This value, is "Network Effect" value, an intangible asset value that is as real and as valuable as any physical asset, if not more so.

What all of this means, therefore, is that the buying power of your earned SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency Rewards within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, will increase steadily every day, rewarding you over time with significant personal and/or business economic growth. In order to join the Sm@rtr™ Community and participate in the SM@RT MATRIX™ global ecosystem and economy, every individual and organization joining has to definitively agree to the use of and TO BE BOUND BY the associated economic valuation attributes of, the SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency, again within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy.

To review the valuation attributes of the SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurency, please access the "Terms Of Participation" page of this website.



The "principle" of small daily FEV increase of SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency is sound, after all, the value of Facebook is its userbase and the content value they create, as advertisers would not pay them billions of dollars every year, if the social network only had 1,000 daily active users and just 100GB of user generated content.

While Facebook is just an online social network, the SM@RT MATRIX™ is an online + physical ecosystem, providing access to intellectual, digital, physical and financial property assets ranging from IP licenses, to B2B/B2C services, to commercial/industrial equipment, to financial instruments and almost every consumer good under the sun, eventually, which includes the food you eat every day. SM@RT MATRIX™, therefore, will be the analogous equivalent of a small "slice" of everything that is planet earth - earth's environment, earth's people and earth's economy.

Within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, SM@RT INC. is the primary provider of products and services, not by virtue of volume, by by virtue of "VALUE". What we mean by that, is that most of the products and services offered by SM@RT within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, can be purchased 100% with SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency, whereas the vast majority of businesses offering their products and/or services within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, will most likely only allow less than 50% of the retail price of their offerings to be purchased with SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency. They do have to allow at least a minimum 5% of the purchase price of their products or services, to be paid in SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency.

What this means for licensed members of the SM@RT MATRIX™ Ecosystem, is that by consciously taking positive sustainability actions every day, you will be earning a caliber of loyalty rewards that will empower you econmically to a significant and transformative degree, as over time, you will be able to exchange your SM@RTZ™ loyalty rewards currency for a myriad of products and services from all across the globe. Whether you're a student struggling with student loans, a small business owner fighting to grow your business or a single parent stressed about making ends meet, The Sm@rtr™ Loyalty Program is designed to be the "Smarter" solution to overcoming your economic challenges and building a more financially empowered and sustainable future.



On the "physical" front, SM@RT will be heavily involved in property development, primarily focused initially on hospitality property development, but will diversify into commercial property development and infrastructure development. Our hospitality products will be Smart Home (and we mean "ultra smart"), developed as townhouses, villas and apartments for short term holiday rentals. The first such development is planned for the Caribbean island of Barbados, for which government planning approvals have already been obtained.

On the "digital" front, SM@RT is currently developing a digital Mega Marketplace called SM@RT STORE™, which is a global "marketplace of marketplaces", consisting of 21 marketplace departments, representing 21 different vertical marketplace models. You will be able to use your earned SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency to pay for a percentage of the purchases you make in this marketplace, which is not limited to physical goods and includes property rental, vehicle ride sharing, spa and gym services and much more.

The SM@RT STORE is a global "Marketplace of Marketplaces".

If you happen to be a business developer, you will likely be inclined to argue that building one 2-sided marketplace is hard, let alone 21, so why on earth do we believe that vendors across 21 different verticals will be willing to either completely switch to our marketplace, or ar least add our marketplace as a second "point of sale"?

The simple, yet substantive answer, is that our value proposition is not an ordinary value proposition, nor is it a "unique value proposition", for "unique" does not automatically translate to meaningful value. Our value proposition is what we call an "Xtraordinary Value Proposition" or XVP, a model of strategic business development created by SM@RT's founder, based on a premise that an XVP is one whch delivers no less than 10 ("X") times the value of the closest competitor. Our XVP for prospective SM@RT STORE marketplace vendors is as follows:

a) Vendors will be rewarded with a notable quantity of SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency for making the commitment to participate in our marketplace

b) Vendors will understand that their SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency holdings will appreciate notably each year, giving them buying power of significance within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy.

c) Vendors will understand that accepting a small (or larger) percentage of product/service payments in SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency, is the equivalent of providing a discount, but with the significantly greater value to them of receiving a significantly appreciable currency asset in exchange, which gives them a notably higher "net" economic value from the sale, despite the lower net FIAT receipt value.

d) Vendors will be informed that whatever percentage of their product/service retail prices they allow our ecosystem members to pay using SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency, those purchasing members will receive (from SM@RT, not the vendor) the same percentage of the purchase price in SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency CashBack Rewards. Therefore, it will immediately clear that any potential buyer of their product or service who is a member of the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, would much rather buy their product or service via the SM@RT STORE™, than via Amazon, AirBnB, Etsy, or any of the myriad other marketplaces of note on the internet.

e) Should any member of the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy be totally dissatisfied with their purchase from a participating vendor, where said vendor is refusing to either replace the product or service to the member's satisfaction, SM@RT, upon validating the efficacy of the member's claim of bad product or service, will give the member the option to be compensated via SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency instead of a refund or a new product or service. If we deem it to be appropriate, we may also remove the vendor in question from the marketplace.

The bottom line here, is that even if Amazon, AirBnB, Etsy et all were to respond by launching their own cryptocurrency rewards tokens in an effort to compete, are they going to be able to credibly say that their entire business and the launch of a crypto rewards token, is part of a holistic strategic plan to finance and accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Are they suddenly going to start building sustainability-focused smart homes and smart clinics and smart factories as SM@RT will be doing? Are they going to start a sustainability-focused reality TV show to build global awareness of sustainability issues as SM@RT has already laid the groundwork to do?

Not likely. The point is that it does not matter how many billions Amazon or Microsoft or AirBnB or WeWork or any other marketplace throws into the ring to compete with SM@RT... the power of SM@RT's purpose, plus our 3P Corporate CSR principle of "Planet First, People Second, Profit Third", makes any such massive competitive expenditures very high risk. A much less risky response and approach, would be to pursue strategic partnership.



The Sm@rtr™ Loyalty Program is different from but supported by the SM@RT Affiliate Program. The Sm@rtr™ Loyalty Program and the SM@RT Affiliate Program, are NOT based on multilevel marketing.

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