Your Very First Sustainability Reward is Ready

NB. Yolanda Kakbadse is not a member of Sm@rtr™, has no affiliation with Sm@rtr™ or SM@RT and does not in any way endorse Sm@rtr™. We just like her outlike on life, purpose and business. Source: The Power of Purpose


We understand that "ECONOMIC REWARDS" are by far the fastest way to drive adoption of sustainability transformation among all global stakeholders, motivating them to take the "pro-sustainability" actions we all need to take, to with the global #WarAgainstClimateChange™.

Joining the Sm@rtr™ sustainability community is the very first step in a major conscious effort to "collaboratively" help fight climate change and its threat of widespread death and destruction. We fully appreciate that every new member, by the simple act of joining, adds real, measurable economic value to our community and that at the earlier stage of the community's development, like now, the value you add in joining Sm@rtr™ is at least 100 times greater than the value added by those who will join after we have amassed thousands of members.

We financially reward our members for the various "pro-sustainability" actions which they take here on our community site, as well as actions on our e-commerce site and throughout our offline ecosystem. We define all such pro-sustainability actions as Sm@rtActions™. Joining our community is the very first Sm@rtAction™ that a member takes and the standard reward is the equivalent of US$21.

However, because the community is quite new and fledgling, we value your pro-sustainability action of joining Sm@rtr™, at 100 times the standard value of $21, that will be applicable at a certain point in the not too distant future. NB. This 100X Reward is only available to the first 500 global individuals (Citizens) who join the Sm@rtr™ Community. The reward will be distributed via 7 monthly installments of 300 STZ each, to ensure that members don't just join the community and cancel their membership as soon as they receive the full 2100 STZ reward.

By joining the Sm@rtr™ sustainability community today, therefore, you will be entitled to receive a Sustainability Reward of $2100 value instead of just $21. There is no cost to join Sm@rtr™ and your reward is issued to you as soon as your fully completed profile is approved.

All Sm@rtr™ sustainability rewards earned are issued in our custom community/rewards cryptocurrency, called "SM@RTZ". It is a cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum Blockchain based on the ERC-20 standard. The text "symbol' for SM@RTZ™ is "STZ", just as the text symbol for US Dollars is USD. If you are not familiar with blockchains or cryptocurrency, that's okay. You can quickly learn the basics of both blockchain and cryptocurrency and your future will be the better for it, economically speaking.

The total (finite) supply of SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency was minted on December 01, 2018 on the Ethereum Blockchain. Unlike the "high scarcity" model of Bitcoin cryptocurrency where the total supply is a mere 21Million units, the total minted supply of SM@RTZ™ is 21Trillion units. This is the volume of supply necessary to facilitate a truly mass adopted cryptocurrency at global scale, where if equally divided by 7Billion adults on earth, everyone would be able to have as much as 3000 units of SM@RTZ™, instead of the tiny fractions of one  Bitcoin which everyone would get if all Bitcoins were divided equally between the 7 Billion adults on earth. 



Smart Contract Name: SMARTZ

Contract Address: 0x628f6d40A261A7cDc847343f180A3838132cF458


Eventually, when our own permissioned SM@RT Blockchain has been built, we will recreate the total supply of SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency on the SM@RT Blockchain. At that time, the holders of SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency tokens minted on the Ethereum Blockchain will need to exchange the old Ethereum SM@RTZ™ tokens for the new SM@RTZ™ tokens minted on the SM@RT Blockchain, as the Ethereum version will no longer be valid for use within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy.

Currently, SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency has a FIAT Exchange Value (FEV) of 1 STZ = 1 USD. However, from January 16, 2020, the FIAT Exchange Value (FEV) OF sm@rtz™ will begin to appreciate at a fixed rate of just 7 US Cents per day, for a total annual FEV increase of US$26.25 per SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency token. This economic model for our SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency pertains exclusively within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, with this online community being one component of the ecosystem.

The daily appreciation economic model of the SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency was designed to eliminate volatility of the currency's FIAT Exchange Value and serve as an automated savings mechanism for the currency's holders that is completely without equal in the FIAT world. This daily exchange value appreciation model also provides a compelling incentive for the world's holder's of major FIAT wealth, to mobilize and invest that wealth into global sustainable development projects that greatly assist the fight against climate change. The SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency appreciates daily by exactly: 


This 'full precision' fractional increase will see SM@RTZ's FIAT Exchange Value reach exactly US$2100 on January 01, 2100 AD. Therefore, if you or your children own 3000 units of our SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency on January 01, 2100, you or your children will possess the equivalent of US$6,300,000 in purchasing power within the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, worldwide. The incremental daily value appreciation of the SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency is backed by the daiy increase in value of the SM@RT MATRIX™ Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, manifested as the increase in citizen, company, charity and other stakeholder members and the economic value they bring to the ecosystem as both users and acceptors of SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency for trade activity within the ecosystem.

As part of the signup process to join Sm@rtr™, you will have to to accept and agree to abide by our SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency valuation model as described briefly above. If you do not agree, your Sm@rtr™ membership registration cannot be approved. You will be able to review the full cryptocurrency valuation policy via a link provided in the signup form.


In order to receive your Sustainability Reward of $2100 worth of SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency, you must have an ERC-20 compatible cryptocurrency wallet (digital online wallet) and you must enter your cryptocurrency wallet address (PUBLIC address) into the wallet field of the Sm@rtr™ community sign-up form.

If you don't yet have an ERC-20 cryptocurrency wallet account, you can still sign up now and add the waller address later. To learn the basics of what a blockchain and cryptocurrencyis and how to create your first ERC-20 cryptocurrency wallet, simply watch the two videos below.

You're probably wondering what you can possibly use our cryptocurrency to purchase, otherwise, what good is it to you? About 12 to 18 months from now, you will be able to use our cryptocurrency to pay for holiday accommodation at our custom-built sustainability focused "smart homes" in the Caribbean, as well as use it to pay for part of your purchase of hundreds of sustainable products and services via our E-Commerce Marketplace. Thereafter, you will be able to spend our cryptocurrency at our "smart clinics", our "smart schools" and even our "smart grocery" and "smart cafe" chains, all built as sustainability-centric operations.

Well, now that you understand more, we invite you to go ahead and JOIN Sm@rtr™ NOW. We look forward to welcoming you to the community and to our collaborative global effort to totally defeat the threat that is climate change.






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